Our Story

autrepeau was created out of the need for the ultimate innerwear.  Originally started by two women working in the financial world, they heard that women were uncomfortable in stiff suits, itchy sweaters and clingy silk and were tired of spending their hard earned money on dry cleaning.

They set out to create a product that would make their lives more comfortable.  They envisioned a second skin that would provide a lighweight buffer between them and their itchy garments.  They relentlessly searched for the perfect fabric that would not add any bulk under clothes.  The garments were made to be form-fitting without constricting.  Unlike other shaper products, autrepeau is made for comfort!

Melissa Hayes has been the owner of autrepeau since 2010.  After many years of working as an insurance consultant, Melissa was no stranger to stiff shirts and uncomfortable fabrics and often found relief with autrepeau pieces.  Not only was she more comfortable throughout her day when wearing autrepeau, but  she also saved time and money from fewer trips to the dry cleaner.  Wanting to share her secret with the world, Melissa acquired autrepeau out of her desire to provide women with expectional products to improve daily life.

Melissa is proud to produce autrepeau in the US and makes regular trips to New York City to visit the sewing facility.  The Company continues to expand and grow!

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